Wiliam Craig, hipokryci, Droga Mleczna i Bóg!

Bardzo ciekawe i szczere świadectwo filozofa analitycznego, William_Lane_Craig2teologa i apologety. Nie był wierzącym od urodzenia.Osądzanie innych bywa zwodnicze. Craig miał szczęście, bo siebie też potrafił ocenić! O swojej trudnej i ciekawej drodze opowiada:

Informacje (niestety tylko po angielsku):

William Lane Craig (/krɡ/; born August 23, 1949) is an American analytic philosopher, Christian theologian, and Christian apologist. His current position is as Research Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology.

Craig is best known for his use of the Kalam cosmological argument, a cosmological argument for the existence of God. He also focused in his published work on a historical argument for the Resurrection of Jesus. His current research deals with divine aseity and the challenge posed byPlatonist accounts of abstract objects.

He is known to a lay audience for his debates on the existence of God with public figures such as Christopher Hitchens and Lawrence M. Krauss. Craig established an online apologetics ministry, ReasonableFaith.org. He is also an author of several books, including Reasonable Faith, which began as a set of lectures for his apologetics classes.

Źródło – Wikipedia


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